Gina Florio
February 15, 2017 4:04 pm

Mostly the gifts we receive on Valentine’s Day revolve around flowers, candy, chocolate, and anything else that tastes remotely sweet. Every now and again we’re lucky enough to receive a Valentine’s Day gift that’s as creative as it is adorable, which is why we wish we were in 4-year-old Landon Gary’s classroom yesterday, because he may have handed out the cutest V-Day presents this world has ever seen.

Keami Gary tweeted a photo of the gifts her mom made for her little brother Landon to hand out to his classmates. To just hand out candy would be boring, obv, so she attached a picture of Landon to each Valentine’s Day card, holding out his hand where the real-life candy is attached. The pics were paired with messages like, “Be My Valentine!” and “Happy Valentine’s Day Friend!”

In one of the photos, he’s wearing a shirt that says, “The curls get the girls.” You guys, we can barely handle.

Landon, we will be your Valentine any day of the year. Keami told that her mom Shavon is always going above and beyond when it comes to little gifts like this, and Valentine’s Day is certainly not the last holiday in which we’ll see some creative presents from the Gary family.

Whatever it is, we hope Landon’s showstopping face will be on it.