Teri Wilson
September 20, 2015 10:29 am

A three-year-old little boy from Baltimore, Maryland, recently suffered the heartbreak of losing his favorite stuffed animal. But in the process he learned a little something about the kindness of strangers. Because sometimes people are truly amazing.

Eoin Ekedahl was out with his family at the Golden West Cafe for lunch on a busy errand day, and when he left the restaurant, his best friend Baa Baa (a stuffed little lamb, natch) was accidentally left behind. Panic ensued, because Baa Baa was a crucial member of the family. Eoin’s mom, Ann Parker, told the Today Show, “Baa Baa was just his favorite animal — so if he went to the doctor’s office, Baa Baa went with him…he just kind of went everywhere, from his first haircut to every kind of milestone, Baa Baa was there.”

Because of course he was. That’s what best friends do, and clearly Baa Baa was a solid bestie. 

But when Eoin’s mom called the Golden West Cafe to check on Baa Baa’s whereabouts, the news was not good. Not good at all.

As Kimberly Dorn, the marketing director at Golden West told Today, “There was another kid who was seen playing with the sheep after Eoin and his family left. They asked if they could buy it from us, and we told them they couldn’t, as it belonged to someone else. Unfortunately, when the family left, the sheep was gone as well. I’d like to think they didn’t take it on purpose, but you never know.”

Omg, you guys. It sounds an awful lot like Baa Baa was kidnapped (lambnapped?) which just about breaks our hearts. But wait…there’s a happy ending up ahead, because apparently the folks at Golden West Cafe are stellar human beings.

First, they took to social media in an effort to locate Baa Baa.

Weeks went by without word from Baa Baa (or his lambnappers). So the good people at the restaurant went one step further. Dorn says, “Everyone who knew what happened really wanted to see this story have a happy ending. We found this stuffed lamb online. Even if it wasn’t exactly the same, it looked soft, plushy and happy, so we knew it was the right one to get.”

They dubbed the new lamb Cousin Lamby. (Awwwww!) And the best part of this story is how the folks at Golden West Cafe delivered Lamby to his new home. They got super creative and decided to tell Eoin it had taken so long for Lamby to reach him because the little stuffed lamb had been busy working at the cafe. (Because everyone knows all good stuffed lambs have a serious work ethic.) They even took dozens of Polaroid pictures of Lamby doing things around the restaurant. Lamby made espressos. He ordered cupcakes from the takeout window. He played the juke box (Adam Lammmbbbert, obvs). And because apparently Lamby is a (plush) party animal, he swung from the chandelier.

Then the restaurant packed the photos up with Lamby and sent the package to Eoin.

Eoin’s mom says he was thrilled! Here’s hoping Lamby can live up to the high bestie standards set by Baa Baa. We have a feeling he’ll do just fine. By all appearances, he’s a rad little lamb. (Swinging from the chandelier? Playing Adam Lammbbbbert on the juke box? ALL of the yes.)

And Gigglers, if you ever find yourself in Baltimore, be sure and stop by this place for a snack. Tell them Lamby sent you.

(All images via Facebook.)