Christina Wolfgram
September 01, 2015 3:23 pm

Don’t you sometimes wish you could control what your parents say? A technologically savvy kid named Brendan sure did. When he wanted his mom and dad to OK his weekend plans, he took matters into his own hands. According to a screenshot he shared on Imgur, Brendan snuck into the autocorrect settings on both of his parents’ phones. Because he assumed they would both say, “No,” to his request for permission to throw a party at their house, Brendan finagled the phones to replace no with, “HELL YES,” on his mom’s phone and “WHERE THE B****ES AT” on his dad’s.

When Brendan group messaged the two of them, he probably didn’t expect the prank to go so well – there are a lot of ways to reject party plans. What if one of them said, “Absolutely not,” or “Never,” instead of “No?”

Luckily, for Brendan and the rest of the Internet who gets to enjoy their hilarious bewilderment, Mom and Dad kept questioning why, “No,” magically turned into something they would probably never say. The very best part is when Brendan’s mom – bless her – reaches out to her husband for help. “Jim what is going on?” she asks before trying to type, “No,” for about the 80th time.

Here’s a screenshot of the conversation:

And here’s a dramatic reenactment of what Brendan’s mom was probably doing during this conversation:

But how did Brendan pull off this epic prank? Here’s how to change your (or someone else’s — if they appreciate a good prank) autocorrect settings:

Open Settings > General > Keyboard. Find the “Shortcuts” option, and then hit the plus sign in the top corner to add a new one. Type in whatever crazy mumbo jumbo you want in the “Phrase” bar, and then type in a really simple, everyday word in the “Shortcut” bar. Technology is so beautiful.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go. I hear Brendan is having a party at his house.

(Images via here, and here.)