Bridey Heing
Updated May 04, 2015 @ 10:31 am
Barack Obama, Luca Martinez

Over the weekend, President Obama jetted off in Marine One to Camp David, but before hitting the tarmac he stopped to give one young fan some props. Luca Martinez was hanging out with his dad, an AP photographer, and watching the president’s plane takeoff for the second time. The second time! I’ve lived in DC for two years and have yet to even glimpse the president. Already this kid is cooler than me.

But President Obama wasn’t just going to wave at the 4 year old, who was rocking goggles (to protect his eyes during takeoff) and a superhero T-shirt. Oh no, Obama decided to head right over, offer a quick fist-bump, and then head to the plane. The exchange was almost casual, as you can see in the 30 second video below, which honestly makes it even cooler. Just the president seeing an awesome kid, getting a fist-bump, and hitting the road. Also, big ups to Luca for keeping calm and knowing how to FB like a pro.

Luca was actually pretty relaxed about the whole exchange. He told reporters it was “fun,” according to CNN, which might be the most low-key cool response I can imagine, when it comes to getting a presidential fist-bump. I would be weeping tears of joy and calling everyone I have ever met to humblebrag, because I am not nearly as chill as Luca. Keep on doing you, Luca, you awesome kid!

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