Briana Hansen
June 14, 2016 11:26 am

There’s no denying that there are a lot of strange alliances forming and world colliding forming in the world of Game of Thrones this season. But none are as surprising as the meeting that actor Jason Momoa posted to his Insta yesterday.

How in my sun and stars is (the late) Khal Drogo of Essos hanging out with the High Sparrow of Westeros? At first glance, you think maybe the Faith of the Seven has the same power that has yet been reserved by the Lord of Light to bring people back from the dead. But after you exhaust all possible complicated (but super fun) theories about the meeting (because that’s what we GoT fans do), a second look at the picture has all the answers you could possibly need.

The High Sparrow is not wearing his traditional plain, dirty robes. He has a Mr. Rogers-style cardigan on and a matching warm and friendly smile to go with it. He looks way more approachable than he ever has on the show because (obviously) this is happening behind-the-scenes.

ICYMI, Momoa played the powerful Khal Drogo, the man who Daenerys swears will be the only one she ever marries. His untimely passing spurred Daenerys to walk into a burning fire with old dragon eggs and thereby “give birth” to her fire-breathing babies.


It tuns out, Momoa is a big fan of the show and will often write his former (onscreen) love Daenerys sweet messages of support for her ongoing campaign to rule the Seven Kingdoms. He actively follows the show like the rest of us. So when he got the chance to take a pic with the High Sparrow (fellow actor and living legend Jonathan Pryce), he totally did it.

While the actual context in which this photo was taken is unclear, Momoa’s caption does refer to the two men by their TV show personas. He writes,When DROGO and the high sparrow Get together and find peace in #guinness #legend ALOHA.” It’s obvious from his excited grin that he was having a fanboy moment like any one of us would have.