Briana Hansen
May 19, 2016 12:08 pm

Be real for a minute: How much precious time in your day is spent looking for the perfect emoji to encapsulate all your feelings any given moment? I’m no scientist but if you’re anything like me, it’s hours. And of course it’s totally worth it because, as the old saying goes, “An emoji is worth 1,000 words.” (Or something like that.)

Well soon, thanks to a new keyboard that’s currently being privately beta tested, you’ll be able to get back that precious emoji-searching time and can use it on more important things (like maybe picking the perfect Instagram filter?). According to TechCrunch, Swiftmoji is a predictive keyboard app that suggests the perfect emojis to go along with whatever you’re typing. Designed by the people behind popular SwiftKey app, which suggests the word you’re typing before you’re finished with it, this new app just takes that ability to the next level. Specifically, it takes it to the adorable little picture level.

Which basically means communication across the world is gonna change like…

There’s no word yet about when (or even if) this new keyboard will be available to the public. The information that it exists at all was leaked and SwiftKey (also the name of the company in charge of the new app) is looking to find out how. When TechCrunch asked for more details on the new app itself, SwiftKey had a perfect reply: “Our official comment at this time is .”

Until then, we’ll have to continue our old-fashioned emoji search (and thank goodness for the “recently used” tab to speed up that process).

So while this keyboard enhancement might someday be like , right now we’ll have to bide our ⏰ and wait.