Kathryn Lindsay
Updated May 09, 2016 @ 8:57 am
kendra wilkinson stretch marks
Credit: Instagram.com/kendra_wilkinson_baskett

Motherhood brings as many joys as it does changes and some of those changes, like stretch marks, we don’t see too much — maybe because they’re not considered conventionally “attractive.” But Kendra Wilkinson, formerly of Kendra and The Girls Next Door, just broke that taboo over on Instagram when she used Mother’s Day as a reason to celebrate her stretch marks and the happiness they signify.

“Look what my 2 babies did…” the reality star wrote. “They made me happy.”

Kendra knows that stretch marks aren’t a flaw and that their presence means she was blessed with her daughter Alijah and her son Hank. Commenters agreed, thanking her for being so up front about the full spectrum of motherhood. “YES! You rock, mama!! Thank you for your honesty,” one wrote.

“Thankyou for sharing this, it means a lot to see someone as beautiful as you, inside & out, showing that you are human,” wrote another.

This wasn’t the only aspect of motherhood Kendra has gotten real about on social media lately: She also posted a photo about her mastitis, a painful infection of the breast tissue that can occur while breastfeeding:

However, Kendra’s greatest joy is her children, and she made this heartwarmingly clear by giving each of them their own post in honor of the special day:

We love the reality star’s honesty about the behind-the-scenes aspects of motherhood that we don’t always get to see, but should. Thanks, Kendra, for showing us, one photo at a time.