Credit: YouTube

Even though voting in presidential elections is not mandatory here in the U.S., it’s important to get involved and cast a vote—because the outcome affects all of us. And no one knows that better than 20-year-old Kendall Jenner.

You might not think of her as a particularly aggressive advocate for voting, or even politics in general, and more of a fashion icon (which would be a fair assumption), but her goal is to show that fashion and voting actually have more in common than we think.

What we mean by that is, Jenner appeared in a 30-second clip by the Independent Journal Review and Rock the Vote, posing in strikingly different outfits that represent a few major turning points in history for young voters.

The video begins in 1971, where Jenner is dressed like a flower child in honor of the 26th Amendment (which, by the way, gave 18-year-olds the right to vote) and ends in 2012, when a whopping 20 million young voters cast deciding votes that ensured President Obama would stay in office for a second term.

To mark the occasion, Kendall wears a fitted navy suit and heels; perfect for climbing the corporate ladder while maintaining a seriously kickass style. Her look is on-point, and confident to boot.

The message is loud and clear: young people should get out there and participate in politics, because these decisions shape our world.

Note: this video goes by quick, so you might want to watch it a couple of times to really see the different looks.

Thanks for reminding us that our voices all matter, and that we can all make an impact on our future.