Briana Hansen
Updated May 29, 2016 @ 12:26 pm
kayla 2
Credit: Kayla Itsines/Facebook

Bikini body workout goddess Kayla Itsines is basically Superwoman when it comes to exercise. But even Superwomen have their kryptonite. And for Kayla, it’s her two adorable doggies who sometimes insist she pay attention to them rather than finish her workout.

In a recent Facebook video, Kayla started out showing some excellent and simple moves to get yourself in shape. But her two fluffy four-legged friends showed up early in the video with the clear intention of getting some love. Being the pro she is, Kayla was able to thwart them for a while, despite the fact that they were getting progressively more demanding (not to mention so much cuter).

Credit: Kayla Itsines/Facebook

She tries valiantly to assert her alpha status in the pack, insisting her buddies leave her alone so she can continue her workout. And, for a moment, they walk away and it looks like she may have “won.”

Credit: Kayla Itsines/Facebook

It wasn’t until they finally started outright “yelling” (aka beautify Husky singing) that you realize when Huskies want some attention, everybody wins. Kayla Itsines eventually breaks down, starts laughing, and gives her satisfied sweethearts some love.

Kayla dedicates the video to all the mothers of the world, noting that she has a hard time squeezing in a good workout with just her dogs to look after. The whole video is short, sweet, and absolutely adorable. Not to mention, it will inspire you (as Kayla Itsines always does) to sneak in quick and effective workouts. Even if you have to do it between cuddle sessions.

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