Trilby Beresford
Updated Jan 25, 2017 @ 9:34 am
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Instagram/Katherine Heigl

It’s always super exciting when a family expands, but adjusting to life with a baby sibling (who steals ALL the attention) can sometimes be a difficult transition for kids.

But Katherine Heigl revealed the way she told her daughters she was pregnant, and her recollection is seriously so heartwarming.

As the doctor recommended, Heigl and her hubby Josh Kelley waited until she was 12 weeks along before they broke the news. Finally when that day came on the calendar, I kind of just told everybody,” Heigl recalls in an interview with People.

She recalls explaining to Naleigh and Adalaide, who are only eight and four, how this baby was growing inside her tummy — but that they didn’t grow in her tummy, although she is their mother.

Yup we can see how that would be confusing! Though Heigl is equipped to deal with their questions; she talks openly to her daughters about adoption and reads the girls a book called, Why Was I Adopted? (which actually came from her sister Meg, who was also adopted from Korea as a baby). Isn’t Heigl just…the best mom?

Heigl admits that she was “so relieved” to share the news, and it sounds like her family life is moving forward very well. Although the transition might be hard in the beginning stages, we’re pretty sure that Naleigh and Adalaide will enjoy bossing their brother Joshua around in no time.

Those faces. Sending so much love to Heigl and her little ones!

H/T: People