Kit Steinkellner
Updated Sep 08, 2014 @ 9:49 am

Prince William and Kate are having another baby. Let’s just take a minute to scream/squee/post Facebook status updates in all caps/have eight hundred feelings all at once/whatever we have to do.

The news was announced early this morning (well, early this morning British time, basically middle of the night United States time), a little earlier than the couple had planned (the Duke and Duchess of Windsor weren’t planning on telling the world about being pregs for another month and a half). Poor Kate, still in her first trimester, has a wicked case of morning sickness (as with pregnancy of her first royal baby, Kate’s suffering from hyperemesis gravid arum—which you can Google and see for yourself is NO JOKE) and wasn’t able to attend an important event, and had to end up spilling the “Royal Pregnancy Number Two” news.

Kate’s currently being treated at Kensington Palace, and it sucks that she feels so gross at the moment because the world is celebrating hard right now and we want to be celebrating right alongside the royal couple. Not only are Kate and Will fun to think about in fairy tale terms, but they’re also a really strong couple IRL. .

Having a baby is hard enough in normal life where NO ONE HAS ANY IDEA WHO YOU ARE. Kate and Will are basically the most famous couple in the world (I get that Brangelina and JayBey, like, exist, but they didn’t have a royal wedding, and the dude halves of those couples are not going to be THE KING OF ENGLAND at some point in their lives). As a normal person having a baby, you are instantly swarmed with an army of judgments and opinions. Imagine doing all of that but also being under the Crazy Bananas Famous Microscope. I would lose my mind before 10 AM every morning if I were Kate and Will was my husband and this was my life.

Will and Kate seem to be made of the stuff of DC/Marvel superheroes, because even with all the pressure that would flatten a normal-person into a paper doll, they’re kicking ass as parents to Prince George and keeping a firm perspective on what matters. They met in college 13 years ago, shared the same major (Art History) and became close friends over all they shared in common. They dated for eight years before undergoing the madness that is Royal Wedding Planning. And now, almost a decade and a half into their relationship, their top priority is taking care of Royal Baby #1 while getting ready to welcome Royal Baby #2 into the world.

They take the baby on fun trips and throw him rad birthday parties and just every photo-op of the trio is filled with just a stupid amount of love. And YES, I get that the royal family has the resources to do these things and I get that I don’t know the royal couple personally, and for all I know the royal family could be like, just the most unpleasant people in human history, but I just feel like there are too many cameras on them at all times to fake that kind of awesomeness. Some celebrity body language expert would have chewed them out for fakery at this point if fakery was a thing that was happening.

All of which is to say, good job being awesome people so far, Kate and Will (and awesome person-in-training, George), and so excited to meet Royal Baby the Second!

(Image via the New York Times/Pool photo by John Stillwell)