Gina Vaynshteyn
April 15, 2014 8:00 am

When I was 14, I desperately wished I had a rack. I know at this horrible age we all wished we filled out a little more somewhere, but I was still wearing the Xhilaration sports bra my mom bought me in fifth grade, you guys – and I didn’t even need it back then, she just bought it to make me feel better about myself. I’m almost 24 and as confident as I am about myself, I still dislike parts of my body that I can’t change. I feel like with many of us, these issues with our bodies are almost like a prerequisite for adulthood. Do I get an A for effort? If it makes any of us feel better, Kate Upton also envisions As –as in, an A cup. I know. Gorgeous model (and actress) Kate Upton is unhappy with her breasts. She told The Sun that she “wishes for a smaller rack everyday,” adding that smaller breasts would be easier and more convenient. As a response to this recent confession, many are outraged, stating that she has “nothing” to complain about and meanly suggesting her boobs are her selling point.

First of all, even though I have the opposite problem, I totally feel for her. No matter how others view us, sometimes we just want to look differently. Even if we are complimented day and night about our hair, legs, noses, eyes, whatever – it doesn’t change the fact that we are just so effing hard on ourselves. Kate hates her boobs, and this shows that she is exactly like us. It doesn’t matter whether we think she is “wrong”; it’s her body, and just because she is unhappy with a part of it doesn’t make her ungrateful or misguided.

Secondly, I’m pretty upset by some of the commenters on the Internet who claim that she wouldn’t be successful if she didn’t have her boobs. This awful conversation reminds me of how some people responded to Angelina Jolie’s preventative mastectomy she had due to her high risk of breast cancer. If you don’t recall, many joked about her breasts, claiming she wouldn’t be “hot” anymore without them.

If you reduce a woman to her breasts, you’re objectifying her body and disregarding her as a person. Kate Upton is not her boobs. Kate Upton is Kate Upton. I’m well aware that Kate is a model who has posed for Sports Illustrated, GQ and Esquire, and has made a great deal of money by doing so. Men (and women) adore her for her curves, face and yes, her breasts. But just because she chooses to model doesn’t mean we’re allowed to judge her unhappiness with her body. Even if Kate chose to surgically reduce her breast size, we have to remember that this is her body. Not ours. We don’t get to make the calls.

Kate Upton’s admission about her boobs reminds us that even women we think are “perfect” find something about themselves to hate on. We’re just picky like that. Kate is beautiful, and she genuinely seems like a great person. Even if she’s bummed out about her boobs, she still rocks it in every single magazine cover she’s featured on. If anything, this shows us that no matter how feel about ourselves, we should always celebrate our bodies with confidence.

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