Kathryn Lindsay
Updated April 25, 2016
Mark Cuthbert/Getty Images

Designing Kate Middleton‘s wedding dress equals bragging rights for the rest of the century. So it’s understandable that when designer Christine Kendall saw some similarities between the Duchess‘s gown and the one she designed, she had a few questions. Christine alleges that after sending sketches of her dress idea to the palace five months before the wedding — which took place April 29th, 2011 — Alexander McQueen’s creative director Sarah Burton saw her designs and used them when creating the final dress, The Telegraph reports .

“Proceedings have been issued because our client is certain that her company’s design was unfairly taken and copied,” Christine’s lawyer, Humna Nadim, told The Telegraph over the weekend. “The claim is not against the Duchess and there is no allegation of wrongdoing against the palace.” Here’s what Christine claims happened: After sending over her wedding dress designers back in 2011, she says she received a letter from a palace official, which read:

That was the end of it, until Christine felt she saw her design walking down the aisle a few months later.


This isn’t the first time the designer is bringing up her concerns. A spokesperson for Alexander McQueen told the Telegraph that Christine approached them almost four years ago with the same question. “We were clear with her that any suggestion Sarah Burton’s design of the royal wedding dress was copied from her designs was nonsense,” the spokesperson said.

“Sarah Burton never saw any of Ms. Kendall’s designs or sketches and did not know of Ms. Kendall before Ms. Kendall got in touch with us — some 13 months after the wedding,” they continued. “We do not know why Ms. Kendall has raised this again, but there are no ifs, buts or maybes here: this claim is ridiculous.”

It looks like it’s going to take some time to work this one out. We just hope everyone gets the appreciation they deserve for their hard work — because it is a gorgeous dress.