kate mckinnon
Credit: YouTube/NBC

Hillary Clinton has not been doing well in the primaries lately, and Saturday Night Live is making some serious gold at her expense.

Kate McKinnon busted out her amazing Hillary impression last night to do a fake campaign video addressing her recent losses — which “Hillary” was not taking well — along with the upcoming primary in the state of New York.

In an attempt to win over voters in the upcoming primary, the Democratic hopeful wants to make herself look like a real New Yorker, by (not really) eating a New York hot dog and roasted nuts, and donning a New York Yankees hat with a $1.99 sticker still slapped on it. About halfway through her spiel, a timer dings and she flips her hat around to support the New York Mets — or “Meets,” as “Hillary” seems to think is the proper pronunciation — in true flip-flopper fashion.

The skit also pokes fun at the real Hillary’s recent adventure on the NYC subway, during which she had to swipe her MetroCard five times before she got through the turnstile. (To all you non-New Yorkers out there, a flawed swipe is a dead giveaway that you’re not from around here.)

But the real kicker is when she tried to one up Bernie Sanders’s podium bird by calling in an avian friend of her own: the three-eyed raven from Game of Thrones.

The bird had an ominous message for New Yorkers: “If you don’t vote for me on April 19, winter is coming.”

Scarier than Melisandre? Of course not, no one is scarier than Melisandre. But Kate McKinnon is continuing SNL’s incredible run of politician impressions, and she basically owned the show last night. Is it next Saturday yet? No? Okay, we’ll have to settle for watching the sketch another fifteen or twenty times.