So what do majorly famous actresses like Kate Hudson and Dakota Johnson do in their downtime? Oh, you know, just hang out with their equally famous moms, Goldie Hawn and Melanie Griffith, during the coolest mother-daughter sesh ever.

Currently, the two families are spending time together in Aspen, Colorado for a snowy holiday vacation. So naturally, Kate, Dakota, Goldie and Melanie did a mother-daughter swap and snapped a pic of Dakota embracing Kate’s mom and vice versa. “Goldie, Dakota, Kate and me having some giggles in Aspen! Mother-Daughter times are the best!!!” Melanie wrote in the caption of the Instagram shot.

Yeah, pretty much the coolest and cutest vacation pic in all of human history. And it looks like they’re having a totally fabulous time in such a gorgeous place. Seriously, look at this:

So naturally, they’re all making sure to bundle up plenty while still looking adorable.

Vacation goals, to the max. Can we join you guys next time? Please and thank you.

(Images via Instagram.)