The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are headed to the Great White Way, but they’re not going to be sitting in comfy orchestra seats. Instead, they’ll actually be on the stage, in a play, about that one time Prince Charles became King. Oh, that hasn’t actually happened yet? Don’t tell that to Broadway’s newest addition, King Charles III which is all about Charles’ ascension to the throne.

The show, which originally opened in London’s West End, follows the story of everything that happens after Queen Elizabeth dies. Now don’t think this is going to be a look back (à la Shakespeare’s Histories), instead, King Charles III is called a “future history play,” and it takes a satirical look at what might happen.

That said, it’s still a little bit like Shakespeare, because according to Vanity Fair the play is written in “blank verse” which means that it’s all in iambic pentameter.

Prince William and Kate Middleton of course make appearances in the play, as they try to restore structure to the government during the new chaos of Charles’ rule. Also making an appearance? The Ghost of Princess Diana, because it wouldn’t be a play about the King of England without at least one or two ghosts stopping by to offer up advice.

King Charles III is currently in previews, and will officially open on November 1st at the Music Box Theater. The show already won the Olivier Award (England’s Tony) for Best New Play, so expect it to make a big splash on Broadway. No word yet on if Kate, William, George, and Charlotte will be stopping in for a matinee.

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