Premiere: Kat Quinn has a ball(oon) in the video for “That String”

Kat Quinn is an indie singer-songwriter whose voice evokes both Sara Bareilles and Yuna, as well as concepts like sunshine and fun and joy. Lest you think we’re exaggerating, consider this: A music video about hanging out with your friends and your dog, all while trying to beat a bunch of balloon-related world records.

That’s the concept behind the video for “That String,” which features a game Quinn attempting to pop balloons while wearing a blindfold, make balloon animals, and bouncing two balloons off of her head, all scored by the understatedly poppy tune. Um, sign us up please!

The balloons don’t come out of nowhere though; they provide the central metaphor that anchors her song: “All you gotta do is let go of that string / you don’t need anything to hold you up / you are strong enough.” As Quinn puts it, “‘That String’ is a song about letting go of anything that doesn’t fill you up with life; those safety blankets we think we need, but really end up taking away more than they add. It’s about finding the confidence to take a risk for something you love, because in the end (as the song reminds us), ‘you’re gonna be just fine.’ And it’s also about balloons.”

As for the record-breaking concept? “With those two pieces in mind, I decided to try and break all of the balloon-related world records. As someone who has very little balloon experience, I knew it was a stretch, but I thought it would be fun to try. Some wonderful friends came on board, and it led to a fun weekend of running around the city with balloons . . . and this music video!”

Spoiler alert: Quinn doesn’t break any of the records; but hey, it’s fun to watch (and hear) the effort. Or as she puts it, “In the end, I’m pretty sure the only record I set was Most Failed Attempts to Break Balloon-Related World Records in a Music Video. But you know what? I’m gonna be just fine.”

Watch the video for Kat Quinn’s “That String” below; check out her upcoming tour dates here.

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