Rachel Paige
Updated May 19, 2016 @ 5:23 pm
Credit: aye_hayhay/Instagram

Like all of us, Kim Kardashian has churros on the brain and decided to do something about that. Today, her and some of the other members of the Kardashian Klan headed out to Disneyland for a little bit of pixie dust and Mickey Mouse. false

While you might head to the nearest Disney park and completely start blowing up your social media feeds, the Kardashians haven’t done that today, which is what makes this trip to the Happiest Place on Earth so ~secret~. Aside from Kim’s lone tweet, there hasn’t been so much of a peep anywhere else on the internet. No Instagram or Snapchat? What gives, guys? Don’t you you know we want to follow along as you ride Pirates of the Caribbean?

At least other guests in the park are here to keep us updated on the Kardashian’s day, and we need to talk about the fact that little North West looks hands down ADORABLE in her glittery Minnie Mouse ears. TOO CUTE.

From the pictures we have seen, it looks like the family spent a good portion of the day in Fantasland, because duh. That’s where all the best/classic rides are. It also appears as if everyone hit up the Bippity Boppity Boutique, because check out Penny’s sparkly princess up do. It appears as of the princess dress du jour is Ariel, but it’s hard to tell.

Then some of them decided to ride the Matterhorn. But not Kourtney. WHY NOT, KOURTNEY? Or are you not a fain of all the bumps and jerks and kinda uncomfortable seats of the bobsleds?

Even without riding all the rides, it looks like everyone’s having a blast. And hey, your day is proven to be 75% better anytime you eat a churro.