There’s never a wrong time to bust out the Carlton dance. Whether you’re dancing by yourself in your room, or at a fancy function with lots of people, it’s fine. We also just learned you can bust it out on the golf course, too, because that’s exactly what happened on the back nine with two fine dancers: Fresh Prince’s Carlton himself, Alfonso Ribeiro, and Justin Timberlake.

The two were participating in the Lake Tahoe tournament over the past few days, and Ribeiro took a bad swing at the tee. His ball went flying through the air… and then rolled down a little hill into the sand. Whoops. The future host of America’s Funniest Home Videos is clearly dismayed at his bad drive, and jokingly tosses his club over his shoulder with a giant shrug. The crowd still goes wild, anyway, because this is Ribeiro we’re talking about.

Then, someone appears behind him. Is that… is that, Timberlake? Snapping his fingers, and egging Ribeiro on to start dancing? Yes, yes it is, and seconds later he launches into his forever-iconic Carlton dance. JT joins in, because OF COURSE he knows the hip-sways and the arm movements, too. You know he has been practicing this dance for years, waiting to put it to good use on an NBC Sports golf telecast.

So what have we learned here? For one, Ribeiro can be easily cheered up with the Carlton. And two, JT is willing to cheer you up, with the Carlton. Check out these two guys bustin’ a move together below, because it’s not unusual whatsoever.

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(Image via YouTube.)