Justin Theroux just proved — again — that he and Jennifer Aniston are definitely one of the cutest couples in Hollywood. The actor, who joined Instagram a week ago, posted a #WCW of his wife today out to his 80,000 followers. With it, he wrote a simple, “#wcw #valentinored #xo” and obviously we’re floored.

WCW (which stands for Woman Crush Wednesday), is a long-celebrated tradition on Instagram in which users post and hashtag photos of their favorite female crushes every Wednesday. Many users choose to post photos of their celebrity crushes (I’m definitely always posting about Theroux on Man Crush Monday), but in this case, Justin’s celebrity crush is his wife. Obviously, as it would have been super awkward if he had posted someone else.

The photo is an artsy, mostly black-and-white shot of Aniston with her back toward the camera. Her red Valentino Couture dress is the only color highlighted. According to Refinery29, it’s the look she wore to 2013’s Academy Awards.

The photo already has nearly 10,000 likes, and this is just a photo of Aniston’s back (and her shadow). Imagine the response when he actually posts a photo of both of them together in a cute couple selfie. Awww, we’re already getting all the feels just thinking about it.

The couple got married earlier this year in a surprise secret ceremony. Most of the guests didn’t even know they were at a wedding until the nuptials began.

Now, we HAVE to ask: when will Jen Aniston get an Instagram account already?

(Image via Shutterstock, Instagram)