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Other than the whole Miranda Lambert / Blake Shelton / Gwen Stefani drama, one of the most talked-about celeb pairings is undoubtedly Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber.

Selena and Biebs had an on-again, off-again relationship from 2010 to 2014. Sadly, it’s been over a year since the lovebirds called it quits, but recently Justin’s been opening up about the pain of losing Selena. Calling her his “first real love,” Justin recently talked to Access Hollywood:

Oh, our hearts. It’s clear that Justin still misses Selena and wants her in his life, and as he explained to Ellen Degeneres, he’s still open to rekindling the old flame. “We have a lot of history together, so it could possibly happen,” he told her. I think we’re both just on our own journeys, figuring ourselves out, and once we’ve figured ourselves out, we could maybe come together and make an awesome duo.”

But now, word on the grapevine is that they may very well be on their way to figuring things out! A video taken on Friday night has been going around the Interwebz, and it’s making our hearts so full. The video is of Justin serenading Selena with a beautiful rendition of “My Girl”:

Super cute, right? According to E!, the date (we’re just gonna use the word “date,” because if you use a word enough it comes true, right?) wasn’t just a random occurrence.

“We asked what he was doing at this bar and he said, meeting up with his ex,” photographer Lindsey Cavanaugh, who took the videos, told E!.

According to E!, Justin also performed “Sorry” and another song at the piano. They also chatted on the couch and later danced together in front of the piano to Lionel Richie’s “Easy.”

“They were honestly mesmerizing to watch slow dance,” Cavanaugh told E!. “My business partner gave him the thumbs up and he gave it back to her and laughed, then dipped Selena all the way to the floor. Shortly after that, she sat on the table and he somehow started singing ‘My Girl.’ She was smiling and in that moment, didn’t look like Selena Gomez, rather a girl at a bar being doted on by her first love.”

Oh my gosh, how *~*romantic*~*. We can only hope this is the start of something beautiful, but either way — excellent serenading, Biebs. We approve.

(Image via Twitter.)