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We’re total suckers for real life playing out like a fairytale. Justin Bieber, a Cinderella story himself (plucked from YouTube, went on to break Elvis and Beatles records), is now stepping into the role of Prince Charming as he uses Instagram to help him find a mystery girl who seems to have captured his heart.

So here’s what went down: Yesterday, Bieber took to Insta to post a Polaroid-y selfie snap of an anonymous girl, with the caption: “OMG who is this?” You know, basically what Cinderella’s prince would have said at the ball if “OMG” had been a thing in the 17th century.

So 1.1 million likes and over 100,000 comments later, have we tracked down The Bieb’s Mystery Girl? It looks like it. So far, many commenters have pointed to Cindy Kimberly — and while we don’t have that facial recognition technology they’re always using at the Jeffersonian on Bones, the resemblance is pretty uncanny:

Thank you, Internet, for speeding along this whole fairytale happy ending thing. Remember back in the day, when if you wanted to find a mystery girl, you had to hop on your steed and visit the household of every eligible maiden in the land and ask her to try on a weird-looking shoe you found hanging around the palace? The times, they have changed…

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