Briana Hansen
June 18, 2016 8:26 am
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

While a roaring crowd in Canada was falling for Justin Bieber during a recent concert, he was also falling for them. Like, literally falling.

The singer was performing last Thursday when he started walking across stage and failed to see an open trap door in his path. One minute he was onstage, the next he had totally disappeared from sight. Luckily, the fall was apparently only a couple feet and he didn’t hurt himself too badly. He quickly climbed back out and joked it off saying, “Good thing I’m a cat and landed on my feet.” Then (colorfully) adding, “That scared the **** out of me.”

The roaring crowd continued to cheer him on, no doubt relieved that he was OK. The whole fiasco was captured on video. And, while he’s certainly not the first performer to fall onstage, it did look like a pretty intense shock. To be fair, when you’re walking on a stage you expect there to be ground beneath your feet. Especially when you’ve got other stuff on your mind like, say, performing in front of thousands of screaming fans.


At least the artist had a great sense of humor about the whole thing and was uninjured. And though the lyrics of “Love Yourself” say he’s not “holding on to something,” we’d like to insist he maybe consider doing so in the future to avoid any more alarming slip-ups like this.

Watch the whole video here: