Elizabeth Entenman
May 08, 2016 7:40 am
Instagram / Justin Bieber

If we told you that Justin Bieber got a new tattoo, you probably wouldn’t be surprised. The singer already has a lot of ink on his arms, legs, neck, and torso. But what if we told you that his new tattoo might be on his face? We don’t know anything for sure yet, but all signs point to yes.

It all started yesterday when the Biebs shared this pic on Instagram. At first, it seemed like a regular selfie. But eagle-eye fans noticed a small black mark next to his eye, and speculation ran wild.

Around the same time yesterday, celebrity tattoo artist Jon Boy posted a clearer pic of Justin and his potential ink. The area around the mark is red and puffy, which is leading some fans to believe it is in fact a real tattoo.

Neither photo caption contains any telling info about the mysterious mark, so we’ll have to wait and see if the Biebs is spotted with it again. Meanwhile, fans have been reacting to the whole incident with mixed feelings.

Some people love it.

But others aren’t so sure.

Some have been poking fun at how small it is.

And others just want their favorite pop stars to stop making such drastic changes.