Teri Wilson
August 16, 2015 12:55 pm

Remember Buzz, the baby who rocketed to Internet stardom when he could not stop laughing at his dad blowing on dandelions? (Of course you remember!) We didn’t think Buzz could get any cuter. But we were wrong. So. Very. Wrong.

In a new video uploaded to YouTube, Buzz shows us that he’s not just adorable, he’s also talented. (Adorably talented, natch.) While we’re impressed with Buzz’s pipes, we’re doubly impressed with his song choice: “Baby” by Justin Bieber. So yes, that means this is a video of “Baby” being performed by a legit baby. The cuteness! Our hearts!

Buzz has got some musical game, you guys. Which really shouldn’t be that much of a surprise, because his dad is English musician Tom Fletcher of the rad group McFly. Fletcher even joins in on the video. (A father-son duet! Awwww.) Buzz could have done the predictable thing and covered one of dad’s songs, but instead he went full-on meta. Because what’s more adorably meta than a baby singing “Baby?” Nothing.

The evidence:

We can’t lie. This sweet video makes us a little nostalgic for the days when Bieber was baby-faced himself…the hairstyle, the rad sneakers, THE HAIRSTYLE.

We knew we couldn’t be the only ones.


(Image and video via YouTube and here.)