Bridey Heing
March 20, 2015 6:31 am

Despite what the weather in some parts of the country may suggest, winter is finally over! The first day of spring has arrived, and it’s time to celebrate. We have a few ideas to help welcome the new season!

Checking out the solar eclipse. If you can’t catch the awesome eclipse live, don’t fret! You can watch it online!

Loving the new Google doodle. Google always does a great job with their imaginative doodles, and today is no exception! The lovely flowers are exactly what we want to see on the first day of spring, even if Mother Nature isn’t quite cooperating.

Scouting out a farmer’s market plan. It might be a little early for farmer’s markets in some parts of the country, but we’re already thrilled to hit up our favorites and score some awesome flowers and produce!

Getting the garden ready. Whether you have a tiny balcony set up or a big backyard that would make the Ina Garten jealous, how better to welcome spring than by getting everything ready for your garden? We’re dreaming of herby windowsills and pots of flowers!

Reading some spring poetry. We’re already feeling inspired by the soon-to-be gorgeous weather, but we can’t get enough of the gorgeous poetry this season has inspired. Here’s a roundup of the ten best, and we’d love to see your favorites in the comments!

Putting off spring cleaning until the weekend. Because after this winter, we deserve a day to just enjoy spring!

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