Gina Vaynshteyn
Updated October 03, 2014 4:24 am

I know that whenever I am bummed out to the max, browsing through pictures of cute animals doing cute things will almost immediately brighten my day like a thousand highlighters scribbling, “IT WILL BE OK GINA.” Animals are like my visual pep talk. My phone wallpaper is a photo of my cat with both arms raised above her head like she’s on a rollercoaster, and I just need that to get through the day sometimes, you know? Of course you know. We all love animals. We all love HAPPY animals, because what is seriously better than a goofy animal grinning like a totally goon? NOTHING.

So to make sure we have no more bad days, I bring you the mother lode of insanely gleeful animals:

1. This seal is giving you a high-five because you’re awesome. Obviously.

2. A crocodile jumping for joy like a total dork

3. Just a lamb skipping on the road like she’s the queen of the world (she is).

4. An anteater who just wants to hug ALL the things


6. This frog clearly just ate the most delicious fly, ever

7. A lil’ monkey who is just loving life right now. Probably because he’s got the sweetest ‘do.

8. A dog who is overcome with the joys of too much spaghetti (although we all know there is NO SUCH THING)

9. This elephant has straight up changed my life. LOOK AT HIM.

10. Oh, just a panda with a crown. Eating some cake.

11. Let’s pretend caterpillars are animals for a sec and adore this little fuzzy darling

12. This hamster doesn’t even know what to do with all this joy and frosting

13. No wonder this sloth is smiling. Life must be nice when all you have to do sleep and eat. JEALOUS.

14. This baby seal is having one of those I-can’t-breathe-this-is-so-funny moments

15. Oh hey little puppy playing in freshly fallen snow!

16. Puppy love will do the trick. . .AWWWW

17. I think this turtle knows something I don’t know. That must be what it is, isn’t it?

18. Well someone is definitely cranking up the sass today. I’m looking at you, pooch.

19. With eyelashes like those, I would be just as jovial

20. Meet my cat, Yoshimi. She’s playing with her new, favorite toy: an old shoe string. #simplepleasures

21. . . .I might just leave you with this guy galloping up a storm

22. . . .But then you wouldn’t get to see these glorious, happy cows:

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