Olivia Harvey
Updated Apr 04, 2017 @ 4:18 pm
Credit: Getty Images / Catya_Shok

Did you hear? One of our favorite planets is headlining at this super cool venue called “The Sky” on Friday, and we all just scored front row seats! Booyah! On Friday, April 7th, Jupiter is at opposition, meaning it’ll be opposite the sun. Being at direct opposition to the sun means that Jupiter is going to shine brighter than any star, so there’s no way you’ll miss this appearance.

According to EarthSky, we’ll be able to see Jupiter from sundown, through midnight, and all the way to sunrise. When Jupiter puts on its annual show, it really doesn’t hold back!

Jupiter comes into opposition every 13 months, meaning each year it comes a month later. Last year, Jupiter hit opposition on March 8th. And next year, it’ll hit opposition on May 9th.

On April 8th, the day after Jupiter hits opposition, the planet will be at its closest point to Earth all year. So not only will its opposition to the sun make Jupiter extremely bright, but it’s proximity to Earth will make the planet look extra-large. EarthSky predicts that Jupiter will be within 414 million miles (666 million km) of Earth.

It doesn’t sound that close. But hey, never turn down free front row seats!

Plus, on April 11th, the Full Pink Moon is going to make a guest appearance alongside Jupiter, its pal from the old days. We’re crossing our fingers they’ll play some of their greatest hits like, “Hey Callisto” and “All You Need Is Ganymede.

Slooh will have actual astronomers on hand to give play-by-plays of Jupiter’s opposition — including what one is able to see on Jupiter’s surface during its opposition, information on the Great Red Spot, and why Jupiter is sometimes considered a “failed star.”

Even if you can’t make it to Jupiter opposition’s live performance, you might want to check into the Slooh show to learn about our beloved giant planet.

And we’re also giving you a gentle reminder that Jupiter is still in retrograde. Remember, that means that from now until June 9th, we’re taking a good, hard look at ourselves and letting our truths be revealed! So having Jupiter at opposition could be an excellent opportunity to do some meditating, show appreciation to the planet in some way, and maybe — just maybe — do a little soul-searching to figure out what you really want out of life!

Set a reminder to attend the best planetary performance of the week! It’ll surely be the hot topic at the water cooler the following Monday, so don’t be that guy who missed out