Judd Apatow — universally renowned producer, writer, and professional funny human — has a couple shows on the way. And we couldn’t be more psyched.

Recently it was announced that Apatow would be developing and directing a new show starring Pete Holmes, which would focus on Holmes’ divorce and introduction into comedy. And while that show is exciting in and of itself, we might be even more excited for another one of Apatow’s shows, which just released a teaser trailer. And it’ll be streaming on Netflix.

Introducing, Love, a dark comedy about the trials and errors of dating and love in Los Angeles. The teaser trailer is very simple, with no people, no voice overs, only red text on a black backdrop. And it looks amazing.

The text appears to be the mantras and resolutions of twenty-somethings dealing with romantic turmoil in their lives. The text ranges from the encouraging to the absurd, all the while being relatable.

Encouraging and good advice, “Stop Judging.”


“Stop Hating Yourself”


Less encouraging and a little harder to actualize as a 20-something? “Be Less Insane.” But still, probably important to remember.


The best part of the entire teaser trailer is the ending with simple sketches of symbols of love — like a box of chocolates and a bear holding a heart…


Which then transform into much more sexual objects before you can even blink. I’ll let you check those out for yourself.

We can’t wait to start binging. Take a peak at the trailer and see for yourself!

(Images via YouTube)