Sammy Nickalls
March 24, 2015 11:14 am

OK, are you prepared to go on an emotional roller-coaster? Because that is what we just went through watching this viral video about Jordan the puppy.

Jordan was found shivering in a canal after suffering abuse and was rescued by volunteers from Hope For Paws, an animal rescue service.

HPF volunteers rushed him to the animal hospital, and the doctor said it was a miracle that Jordan was still alive. On top of his obvious injuries (he was missing a leg), he also suffered from malnutrition, mange, and bacterial infections. WARNING: The first part of this video when Jordan is at his weakest is really hard to watch.

But wait, because things get better so, so much better for Jordan as he’s surrounded with people who love and care for him.

His recovery was filmed, day by day. He is shown being given a bath, getting treated by doctors and eventually being given to a foster home with Lisa Chiarelli (and his “foster sister” dogs, Lola & Frankie!), where he recovered from his surgery. That’s when things get amazing.

Jordan gets his own snuggly little bed, where he’s protected by his foster siblings.

Jordan really loves his foster sibs.

Jordan also loves wearing cool sweaters, playing with toys . . .

. . . and chilling in his backyard pool. Yeah, this puppy deserves a poolside vacation more than anyone we know.

The video is heartbreaking initially and totally made us cry, but eventually it turns to happy tears as we watch Jordan’s transformation. He becomes a super-strong, super-playful, shiny-coated, funny little puppy—surrounded by animals and humans who love him. It just goes to show what bravery, help and a little love can do.

Jordan, you’re a special little dog, and we want to cuddle you SO badly. We’re going to go wipe away our tears now.