Rachel Paige
March 28, 2016 11:53 am


Is Jon Snow Dead? IDK. Who even knows anymore. We’re no closer to figuring that out than we were nine months ago, on June 14th 2015, when he supposedly “died” at the hands of the Night’s Watch. So if Jon Snow is alive or dead, still remains anyone’s guess.

For today’s guess, we’re going with: alive…. maybe?

Over the weekend, a brand new trailer for this upcoming season of Game of Thrones made its way to the Internet, and as usual, everyone freaked out. This freakout is actually super justified this time, because there’s a HIGH CHANCE that Jon Snow is actually in this latest trailer.

The explanation for this includes spoilers for the books, and also for the show, even though the books have caught up to the show. At the end of the latest book in the Song of Ice and Fire saga, Ramsey (you know, your new least favorite character now that Stannis is dead) basically declares war on Jon Snow, and an epic battle between the two of them is teased. It hasn’t happened in the books (YET), but it’s most certainly being teased as happening in this upcoming season. This fight between the two of them is called the Battle of the Bastards because, well, they’re both bastard children.

None of this is necessarily new speculation since images of this battle have been on the Internet since last fall. But now, we’re finally seeing it happen in the trailer. Ramsey is gearing up for war, and leads his army ~somewhere~ to fight ~someone~ and it might just be Jon Snow and his merry men.


Because come on, how many people in Westeros have this exact same curly locks flowing haircut? This happens at the :21 mark in the trailer if you need to see for yourself.


Alive, dead, somewhere in-between, we’ll find out for certain on April 24th at 9pm, clear your entire schedule for that night right now.

Watch the trailer below here: