Rachel Paige
Updated May 16, 2016


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The episode started off with the best, and so far only, joyous Stark Reunion on Game of Thrones history. Accompanied by Brienne, Sansa made her way to the Wall, and leapt into her brother’s (whispers, cousin’s) arms, and everyone, everywhere, cried. What a happy ending! Except everything is far from over, because Ramsay Bolton is pretty pissed that Sansa escaped, and he’s come after her once already. He’s going to do it again.

Later on in the episode, while sitting down for a nice meal at the Wall, Jon Snow receives a letter from Ramsay. It’s pretty graphic, a huge bummer, and totally brings the whole mood down. As book readers will know, this is the “Pink Letter” or the catchier, “Bastard Letter.” (And in A Dance with Dragons, after Jon receives it, THAT’S when he’s stabbed by the Night’s Watch. Even more of a bummer!)

But what if Ramsay didn’t write this Pink Letter?


Yeah. In a story posted to Medium perfectly titled, “Jon Snow is Getting Catfished,” the author poses a new theory that suggests someone else entirely wrote this letter. The Northern Houses — like the Umbers and Karstarks — have declared their “loyalty” to Ramsay, but are really waiting for Jon Snow to come riding in and save the day and reclaim the North. They’re the ones who drafted this letter, in hopes of luring Jon, and his Wildling army, to put an end to Ramsay’s rule.


“All of the information in that letter would have been information these Northern houses had because they have men inside the walls of Winterfell,” the theory continues. “So it would be very possible for them to have thought: ‘How do we get Jon to leave the Night’s Watch and without threatening the entire plan by telling him about it in a letter that could easily fall into the wrong hands or be intercepted? And how do we get the Wildling army on board with meddling with the Wars of Westeros?'”

Simple answer: Write a letter pretending to be Ramsay Bolton!


The Pink Letter did have the pink seal of House Bolton, but anyone within the walls of Winterfell could have easily stolen that and used it. Only thing is, this letter was missing a Ramsay trademark: “Some accoutrement in the form of penises, flayed skin, or other potpourri. Wouldn’t you have expected a direwolf fang or a piece of skin from Rickon in there if it were really from Crazy Ramsay?”

GOOD POINT. The letter didn’t have any sort of ornament accompanying it, and this scene happened just mere seconds after Ramsay killed Osha. You think he would have included part of her in a letter to Jon, right?

Also during the episode, Jon makes a big deal about how he doesn’t want to “fight” anymore, since he’s done enough of it for one two lifetimes. Sansa does. And TBH it wouldn’t be so crazy to suggest that Sansa had a hand in drafting this letter, knowing that any threat against the Stark family will make Jon sit up and fight.