Lindsey Sirera
Updated Mar 06, 2017 @ 2:19 pm

Now confirming what we always suspected to be true: John Stamos is a prince!

The Full House star slash all-around charmer pulled the ultimate perfect boyfriend move and took his girlfriend Caitlin McHugh along with him to Disney World. And while the 53-year-old star could’ve just called it quits and settled for being a terrific bae right there, he took things to the next level as a prince-worthy BF by posting an adorable snapshot of the two in Ariel and Prince Eric-inspired looks. And as if that weren’t enough, he had to go and caption it with the cutest note ever, reading: “I’ll be Prince Eric to your Ariel any ol’ time. ❤”

Cue the aweee!

Seriously, John, just go ahead and kiss the girl right now! Sorry, can you tell that we’re totally melting right now?! Why can’t all men be Prince Eric-esque like you, John Stamos!

Caitlin posted a follow-up Instagram herself, showing the two at a slightly different angle. Her equally affectionate caption followed suit, with “Found my Prince 👑❤.”

The two lovebirds, who’ve been dating since March of last year, have been having a blast at the happiest place on earth for the past several days. And Ariel isn’t the only princess Caitlin has taken a liking to either, as she’s posted several adorable Instagram snapshots documenting both her trip and her epic costume changes.

So far, we’ve seen Snow White:

A little Elsa braiding action a la Frozen:

And a seriously striking double take for Beauty and the Beast‘s Plumette:

Oh, and let’s not forget John’s other costume change into his equally formidable other alter ego: John Solo!

Alright, John and Caitlin: Have your fun at Disney World, and please, please keep posting adorable pics like these so we can continue to live through you! #RelationshipGoals