john stamos

We all have had that uncomfortable phase sometime during grade school. You know, the phase that makes you cringe when you even think about it, let alone see pictures of that disaster. (For me, it was 7th grade, when my fave outfit was tie-dye jeans with a Hilary Duff T-shirt and bright blue eyeshadow. Ouch.) But it’s totally OK, because everyone has been through that phase at some point! . . . That is, everyone except John Stamos, who was pretty much born looking perfect and maintained a straight record from then on out. We’re not shocked, TBH.

Recently, John took to Instagram to share the ultimate #ThrowbackThursday: teen John at prom. And yeah, he was definitely a stunner.

“#TBT #Prom #Hair,” John wrote in the caption. And we can see what he’s getting at by pointing out his hair, because it’s pretty darn fabulous.

The ruffly white tux! The hair! So much ’80s in one photograph! But besides just being a total gem of an Insta, it also serves as evidence of what we all knew deep down in our heart of hearts: That John Stamos never went through an awkward phase.

Naturally, being the humble guy he is, he doesn’t think that for a second. “I know everybody says this, but in high school, I really was the dorky kid,” Stamos told Orange Coast magazine in 2014. “I was into magic and theme parks. I was very innocent. When a lot of kids my age were going out drinking on Friday and Saturday nights, I was at Disneyland, going on the rides and listening to the bands.”

John, we’re all for Disneyland, but we’re pretty sure you weren’t dorky for a second. (May I refer you to my tie-dye jeans?) Nice try, though.

(Image via Warner Bros Television.)