Rebecca Vineyard
Updated May 15, 2016 @ 7:56 am
Credit: Fox

This week, we found out that some of our favorite shows were being canceled (RIP, Agent Carter) and we’ve been trying hard to cope. Luckily, some of the stars of these axed shows — including Miss Piggy and Nathan Fillion — have been weighing in on the end of their respective series in ways that have been pretty entertaining.

Now, John Stamos has joined the conversation. According to EW his show, Grandfathered, was one of 17 that were canceled by major networks late this week. Stamos took to Twitter to defend the show, saying he was proud of it for being feel-good show that brings a family together. He went on to say that the show was the kind of TV he loves and wants to keep making. false

However, Stamos wasn’t quite finished. He followed up the tweet about Grandfathered with a somewhat sly (yet very honest) call to take a moment of silence for network television. And while there’s a jokey quality to treating canceled TV shows like the death of an actual person, with nearly 20 shows axed — some of them truly beloved by fans — it’s understandable that many are treating these cancellations as real and tragic losses. false

Stamos didn’t keep his social media presence sad and serious for too long, though. In fact, he posted a photo at Disney Paris with a caption that referenced the cancelation: “Hey John Stamos! Fox just cancelled your television show, what are you going to do next….” false

The picture features Stamos looking typically dashing, sporting sunglasses and a tan while standing in front of the magic castle. He’s wearing a wide smile that clearly tells his fans and the media alike that even the sad news that Grandfathered won’t be renewed can’t keep him down for long.