Margaret Eby
Updated Feb 23, 2015 @ 10:42 am
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What’s a good way to appeal to the female voter? Hint: It isn’t to paint anything and everything pink.

The as-ever-on-point John Oliver did a scathing takedown of the U.K.’s Labor Party on Last Week Tonight, because, yes, the painting-things-pink tactic is exactly what they’ve been engaged in and it seems to be tactic #1 for attracting female voters. Liiiiiiike, what?

Ahead of the election in May, the Labor Party has been using a bright pink van nicknamed “the Barbie Bus” in an attempt to reach out to women voters and get a little grass roots buzz going. Understandably, it’s been a point of real controversy.

“It’s a bit insulting that you’re trying to appeal to adult women voters in the same way that Mattel attempts to appeal to eight-year olds,” Oliver said. “At least Barbie’s pink bus had the good sense to unfold into a sweet hot tub and party den combo . . . The only way it could be more patronizing is if it’s wheels were giant Nuva rings and they refused to let women drive it.”

Instead of apologizing about the bus and, you know, repainting it(?) the Labor Party has insisted that the color of the van isn’t pink, but magenta or even cerise. Apparently it’s part of an initiative to “have a conversation about the kitchen table, and around the kitchen table [rather than having an] economy that just reaches the boardroom table.” You know, because what woman is in the boardroom? Not helping your case, guys.

Without further ado, the video. Happy rage spiraling!