Emily Baines
May 14, 2016 10:34 am

Many of us have been hoping for a Finn and Rey romance ever since we had our minds blown by The Force Awakens. Others are totally shipping on the idea of Finn and Poe. Well, now we don’t know what to think. John Boyega‘s latest interview with Variety has sent us all into a frenzy.

When asked by reporter Elsa Kesslasy:  “I loved the developing romance between your character, Finn and Rey in “The Force Awakens.” How is that romance evolving in the next chapter?”

Which way is it going to go, Boyega? Tell us, please!

Of course, people on Twitter are freaking out. Who wouldn’t be? What does this mean?! Does this mean Finn and Poe have a chance? Oh why, why must we wait for Episode VIII!

Of course, security around Star Wars is super-tight, so we won’t know anything concrete until the release of Episode VIII in 2017! Until then, it’s all speculation. But we can keep hoping. Anything is possible!