During his time as vice president, Joe Biden launched It’s On Us, a sexual assault awareness and prevention program. A key component of the program focuses on getting men involved in the fight against rape culture — whether it’s calling their peers out for inappropriate gestures or remarks, or intervening when they they believe a woman is in danger. Now, Biden has teamed up with the 13 Reasons Why team to raise sexual assault awareness.

Biden was joined by 13 Reasons Why actress Alisha Boe and producer Joy Gorman.

The Netflix series includes scenes of Boe’s character being raped while she’s incapacitated from alcohol.

Biden drove home the point that silence doesn’t equal consent — and extremely intoxicated women can’t consent at all.

The former VP, who’s never been one to mince words, also emphasized that boys and men need to speak up when their peers perpetuate rape culture by using degrading rhetoric.

It’s On Us was launched in 2014 and Biden has given 10 speeches to date. We’re so grateful that he’ll continue the incredibly important fight against sexual violence as a private citizen.