Watch Joe Biden and Adam Devine party together to share this important message about sexual assault prevention

Funny Or Die

One in five women and one in 16 men are expected to be sexually assaulted while in college — a horrific and unacceptable statistic with which many of us are already painfully familiar, as survivors or friends of survivors. As Vice President Joe Biden’s time in office nears its end, he is continuing to bring attention to sexual violence on college campuses through the “It’s On Us” campaign. And our VP has used multiple media platforms to teach people how to disrupt rape culture.

And Biden is once again fighting sexual assault and promoting consent in a college buddy comedy that we wish was actually in theaters — and comedic movie and TV actor, Adam Devine, is his co-star.

In the fantastic Funny or Die sketch, Joe and Adam go undercover at a typical college frat party, but VP Biden can’t exactly pass as a young co-ed with Secret Service in tow, and Adam struggles to insert “fleek” and “squad goals” into his conversations naturally.

Finally, the two men reveal their identities and their reason for infiltrating the party — to spread the important message that it’s on us to end sexual assault.
Funny Or Die

Biden says, “It’s on all of us to change the culture and prevent sexual assault,” when Adam chimes in with a real life example of how to do that in a college environment:

“So like, if you see, like, a buddy and he’s talking to someone that’s too drunk to consent, you tell that buddy, ‘Yo buddy, chill,’ and you make sure that drunk person gets home safe.”

We highly suggest that you watch this wonderful example of comedy meets social justice, and then take the #ItsOnUs pledge to do your part to end rape culture.

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