Briana Hansen
April 17, 2016 11:52 am
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Ever since we met him in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s StoneGarrick Ollivander has been one of the most interesting and mysterious characters in the entire series. A gray-haired man with a clear gift for both wand-making and wand-matching, he has a reputation for being the best at helping wizards and witches find their perfect magical match, particularly those in the London area. Which, when you stop to think about it, means this guy has probably met almost every single wizard and witch who has ever attended Hogwarts.

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Even though we only get small nuggets of interaction with him, he’s totally intriguing. This guy has surely got some stories to tell.

And now, J.K. Rowling has finally started to give insight into some of the wonderment of this particular wandmaker. On the Pottermore website, she published an essay that goes into Ollivander’s family history, some of his personal philosophy, and (of course) added details on the intricacies of wandmaking process itself. Here are some highlights:

  • His name is said to mean “he who owns the olive wand,” which means his oldest ancestors probably came to Britain from a Mediterranean country.
  • People travel from all over the world to buy a wand at Ollivander’s.
  • Ollivander basically revolutionalized the wand core game, NBD.

It’s a delightful read for people anyone thirsty for more knowledge on this fascinating guy or just interested in what makes those little sticks of wood so truly powerful after all.