Bridey Heing
September 04, 2015 8:00 am

Drinko is back! Last night, Jason Sudeikis stopped by The Tonight Show to talk about his new movie, Sleeping With Other People. But Jimmy Fallon enlisted him to play one of his patently weird games, this time reviving one that we saw last month when Paul Rudd was on the show. Drinko, that glorious experiment in what you can actually call a cocktail, made it’s return!

The game requires that two players drop colored disks into a Drinko board, where pegs randomize where the disk will fall. At the bottom are cups with different beverages or beverage-like substances, and whatever cups the two disks fall into has to be combined to make a cocktail, which the other player then has to drink. The combinations that result are, as you would imagine, less than appetizing. It sounds complicated, but we swear it’s not. And with Jimmy and Jason playing the game, well it’s also hilarious.

Bubble tea and wine spritzer, anyone?

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(Image via Youtube)