Rachel Paige
August 19, 2015 12:49 pm

STOP THE PRESSES. BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, everyone. One of our favorite people on the planet, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is now a DAD. This is amazing amazing news, so excuse us for a few while we go blow up a bunch of balloons and throw some confetti into the air.

The mega-talented actor-writer-director-producer-human being is known for keeping his private life very private, but his rep has confirmed to US Weekly that he and his mega-talented wife, Tasha McCauley, have welcomed a baby boy. Aside from the fact that the two now have a little bundle of joy at home, that’s all we know. No word on the date of the birth, let alone the little tot’s name. But hey, if the little guy is happy — which we’re hearing is a YES — that’s all that matters to us.

Now back to throwing confetti into the air.

Maybe we should have guessed that JGL would soon be a proud papa. Not too long ago he did an entire episode of his TV show, Hit Record On TV, about moms. He even sang a song called “Sexy Motha,” about how he finds moms to be the most attractive, and he loves them the MOST. So yeah, there’s a good chance he practiced this song for soon-to-be-mom McCauley. Just thinking of that dream scenario makes our hearts want to burst.

A thousand happy congrats to JGL and McCauley. We love this kid to pieces already.

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