Gina Vaynshteyn
Updated Apr 01, 2016 @ 10:46 am
Credit: Getty Images/Axelle/Bauer-Griffin

You’ve probably hid your tampon on the way to the bathroom before. Not that there is *anything* wrong with periods or tampons, but sometimes you wanna keep your menstruation business to yourself, and that’s totally fine. On your way to the bathroom, maybe you’ve hid the ‘pon up your sleeve, or behind your ear, or maybe in your makeup bag. And sometimes, it can be annoying. Which is why Jessica Biel, actress and rad lady, has come up with a brilliant plan: She’s going to make sure that when you’re at her West Hollywood restaurant Au Fudge, you never, ever have to hide your tampon on the way to restroom EVER AGAIN. Bless you, Jessica, BLESS YOU.

Stocked up with Cora tampons, a brand of organic tampon that is disguised to look like anything BUT a tampon, her bathrooms have got you COVERED.

But if you’re like, “I want these cute non-tampon-y tampons in my life besides when I’m hanging out at Jessica Biel’s restaurant in LA,” here’s the four-one-one on Cora tampons and tampon storage.

They’re cute. Like, this one is shaped like a lil’ black clutch you would bring with you to brunch.

Credit: Cora

There’s this chic AF little box that holds as many tampons (of all sizes) that you need.

Credit: Cora

They also have this lipstick-shaped stowaway, and it basically looks like something you would splurge on at Sephora.

Credit: Cora

As for the tampons themselves, they’re stylish and sleek, and even if you have to carry them all on their lonesome, it won’t even be that bad.

Credit: Cora

Here’s how Cora tampons work:

1.You subscribe and give Cora your ~flow~ information so they know what kind of tampons to send you.

2.You receive your “signature kit” every month

3.And it only costs $9-18/month with free shipping. Yay!

You can visit their website here to check it out.

So, stay calm and tampon on, my friends.