Kit Steinkellner
February 16, 2016 12:14 pm

Meet Jesperpus, or Jesper as his owners and fans call him, a Norwegian kitty who loves snow and skiing and all things wintertime-y and fun. Real talk, Jesperpus basically just a magical Christmas elf disguised as the orangiest, cutiest little cat.

This is Jesper frolicking in the snow. For those of us who don’t speak, you know, Norwegian, Facebook’s translate button tells us the caption on this one is “Love weekends, when I’m with my herd all the time. Real funny!” Totally Jesper, us too.

It’s definitely not every day we see a cat playing in the snow, but it’s REALLY not every day we see a cat skiing with his owner. But Jesper the Christmas Miracle Cat is nothing if not a little dude filled with surprises.

Animal Videos/YouTube

Yes, Jesper is literally pulling his person along LIKE A SIBERIAN HUSKY.

Animal Videos/YouTube

They are mushing, you guys, THEY ARE MUSHING.

Sometimes, Jesper gets a little tired and then he hitches a ride:

Animal Videos/YouTube

Awesome person and adorable pet, skiing together, like winter sports were always meant to be:

Animal Videos/YouTube

If you want to follow Jesper the Magical Wonder Cat of Winter on social, he’s very active on his Instagram and Facebook.  All hail Jesperpus, the most Scandinavian cat that ever lived.