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Just in time for Turkey Day, Jennifer Lawrence may have just gotten the cue to add another placemat to the holiday dinner table.

According to People Magazine, the research team at Ancestry discovered that Lawrence and her American Hustle co-star Jeremy Renner are 5th cousins, once removed.

Ancestry researcher Michelle Ercanbrack says that it was a case of “complete happenstance.” They were originally on the hunt for lineage ties between Lawrence and her Hunger Games costars (just for fun, we guess) when they found a similarity between Renner and Lawrence through a certain Kentucky relative.

Farmer Robert Tague is Renner’s 4th great-grandfather and Lawrence’s 5th great-grandfather.

Ercanbrack was astonished at how close the two stars’ family lines ran, remarking at how she’s, “surprised they haven’t bumped into each other at a family reunion.”

The researchers continued to point out that there’s plenty of ancestral similarities between Lawrence and her Hunger Games character Katniss Everdeen. They stated that given her ties to ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War, “makes you wonder if her ability to channel and portray fighters is something she’s inherited.”

Being a badass warrior is in J-Law’s blood —but we already knew that.

(Image via Columbia Pictures)