It’s Friday and we get a beautiful throwback pic of both Jennifer Aniston and Mayim Bialik? What did we do to deserve this gorgeous gift?

So, before Friends was even set to become a TV gem, there was a show called Molloy. While it lasted for only seven episodes in 1990, it did accomplish something pretty incredible: it brought Bialik and Aniston together as step-sisters. The proof? The photo accompanying this caption on Mayim’s Instagram: “Yes this is me and Jennifer Aniston in my childhood bedroom. We did a show together before I did ‘Blossom.’ #tbt !!!”

Those three exclamation points at the end of her caption say it all. Oh gosh, there’s just so much we love about this photo. Mostly, we love, love, LOVE how happy these two look. Seriously. How could you not smile after looking at Mayim? She’s actually beaming.

Next important question: When will Jennifer Aniston get an Instagram? Since her husband Justin Theroux just created his account this week, maybe he’s simply testing the waters while she gets ready to share her glorious photography skills and even more glorious #tbts with the world? And since Theroux just shared his very first #tbt yesterday, we truly hope there’s more to come in the not-so-distant future…

Honestly, there’s nothing better than looking at #TBTs on a blissful Friday.

[Images via Instagram and Shutterstock]