Credit: Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images

You can probably tell by now, but we absolutely love this witchy time of year! Not only do we completely obsess over our own costumes, but, thanks to social media, we get sneak peak looks at our fave celeb’s creations as well. And, sidenote: how adorable are our furry friends in their DIY costumes?! Cuteness. Overload.

Speaking of cuteness, the beautiful Jenna Dewan Tatum showed off her DIY costume skills on Instagram yesterday, and we’re dying! With the help of friends, Jenna pulled of our favorite costume look of the season.

The wife and mom pulled out all the stops in her makeshift unicorn attire — making hers the dopest one we’ve seen yet!

Slay, Jenna. Slay.

Have you ever seen a human-unicorn so vibrant? We just loveeeeeeeeeee her makeup! #costumegoals for sure.

Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

And it looks like the actress / dancer may have a liiiiiiittle obsession with the mythical creatures. Jenna recently posted a #tbt of she and her little one dressed up for Halloween last year — her sweet baby girl Everly as a tiny lady bug and Jenna as a less glamorous version of this year’s.

And while Jenna, obviously, looks so lovable and cuddly, we have to say we’re obsessed with her most recent rendition!

Unicorns forever, guys.