j.c. penney closing
Credit: Matthew Staver/Bloomberg via Getty Images

If you, like us, were born in the ’80s and therefore spent a sizable portion of your teen years at the mall, you’re going to want to visit said mall as soon as possible — because chances are, it’ll soon disappear forever.

Or at the very least, look completely unrecognizable from the ’90s treasure you so fondly remember.

First Wet Seal shuttered all of its stores, then hundreds of Sears were on the shopping block…and on Friday, February 24th, we learned that J.C. Penney was closing a whopping 140 of its stores nationwide due to, well, us. Thanks to online shopping, we simply aren’t hitting the mall to spend our allowance money on that one perfect t-shirt Friday night anymore, and thousands of people are losing their jobs because of it.

“The cuts come amid mounting challenges for once-stalwart department-store chains such as Macy’s and Sears, which are aggressively closing stores and shedding costs as shoppers flock to alternatives,” explained USA Today.

Other stores that have recently been on the chopping block include Aéropostale, American Eagle, and Sports Authority.

J.C. Penney doesn’t have it as bad as Wet Seal or Sports Authority, as they still plan to invest in their remaining stores and focus on expanding their more successful non-apparel sections, like toys and home goods.

Still — it’s bad news, guys. false


Mostly because of the thousands upon thousands of jobs that are being cut, of course. But also for our children, who will someday watch movies like Mallrats, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Dawn of the Dead, and – if they’re ever so unfortunate — Paul Blart: Mall Cop, and ask us about this weird old place with all of the stores.