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Jason Derulo has some impressive moves, but the question is can he dance like a toddler? Recently, the singer joined James Corden for a Late Late Show appearance where the pair both tried their best to execute an intense round of kid-led choreography in a segment titled “Toddlerography.”

We can’t think of a better way to get in a cardio sesh, even if it comes with a side of humiliation. Whether they know it or not, a few of these kids are natural born performers. Take heed, professional choreographers — there’s a group of career-driven youngins coming for your necks.

Let’s start with this little tutu-wearing doll whose back and forth runs remind us of those foot races we had as kids:

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Are they supposed to be wiping brow sweat or hittin’ the dab?

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These breaking dances moves, though:

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Derulo’s spin was cool, but this little girl’s was better:

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Jump split, FTW! #nailedit


In the end, we give both Derulo and Corden an E for effort because it’s kind of hard to pay attention to two adults when a group of fearless kids are dancing for their lives. These passionate performances are easily the best thing we’ve seen all day and we’re secretly hoping they’ll show up in Derulo’s next music video.