Jill Layton
March 03, 2015 11:58 am

By now you’ve probably heard the news: Jared Leto has done the unthinkable. He cut his hair AND his beard! There, there — we feel your pain. It’s pretty outrageous that anyone would agree to cut such beautiful and internationally celebrated locks, but it’s been done. The only somewhat justifiable part of this tragic news is the fact that Jared is playing the Joker in the upcoming supervillain Suicide Squad movie, set to begin filming next month in Toronto. And obviously the Joker doesn’t have long, magnificent hair. So, we guess we can be OK with all of this, but only because we will be getting something out of it — another Jared Leto movie.

Ready for it? Jared’s before and after via Suicide Squad director, David Ayer’s Twitter:

We have to say — with his new hair cut, Jared is kind of channeling Jordan Catalano, and we kind of love it a lot.

It’s possible you’ve already heard this hair cut news, because if you happen to frequent the Internet like we do, there’s no way you missed it. Yesterday the people of the Internet saw the new do and went totally bonkers. Seriously. . . bonkers. People took to Twitter to grieve the loss.

But here’s a serious question — why do we care so much? Is it maybe because men don’t typically have long hair, and if they do, it doesn’t always look great? Jared Leto had long hair, and it was exquisite. He’s basically a unicorn. Or was. Sad face.

No word on if he donated his hair to Locks of Love or another similar organization. But if he did,  it’s great news, because his hair will still be present in the world, just on someone else’s lucky head.

Whether or not you enjoy long hair on men, you can still probably agree that Jared Leto’s hair was pretty glorious. In remembrance, we decided to gather some photos of the times his hair looked like a shining jewel from the Gods. His hair is gone but not forgotten. Hair today, gone tomorrow. We leave you with these photos from long hair’s past:

OK fine, that’s enough. We’re done. JK one more. . .

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